MSF-5-ZCHF Right Hand 5/16″ x 5/16″

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Product Name: Female Spherical Rod End
Thread: Female 5/16-24 LH x 0.750″ Deep
Ball ID: 5/16″
Housing Material: Steel
Finish: Zinc clear Hex free
Ball Finish: Hard Chrome Plated
Bearing Race: Steel on Steel
Housing Width: 0.875″
Base of Rod End to Center of Ball: 1.375″
Ball Thickness: 0.437″
Ultimate Static Load Rating: 4,000 lbs
Common Other Names for this Product: chromoly heim joint, rose joint
Application: Our larger chrome moly Spherical Rod Ends are used as sway bar end links, panhard bars, control arms, three link and four link suspensions and strut tower braces. This size rod end is often used in hand or foot actuated push-pull linkages.
Common Accessories: These Spherical Rod Ends are typically used with our MCW-5 rod end retaining washers/spacers, RS250 rod End Seals, WTF thread bungs, BAN thread bung adjuster nuts, ladder bar adjusters, HBT and AHT connecting tubes, female Spherical Rod Ends, jam nuts, and bolts. Steinjager also offers a variety of completed welded tubular suspension parts and do-it-yourself universal and application specific (4) four link triangulated and parallel suspensions, (3) three link suspensions, upper and lower control arms, lift kits, lowering kits, panhard bars, wishbone kits, track bars, traction arms, and wobble bars.
Alternative Designs: For lighter duty linkage applications, consider our MSF (steel raced) series, our MTF (telfon raced) series, STF (stainless) series, or MPF (nylon) series.
Metric Alternative: The metric equivalent to this series is our DXTF series.
Warning: Regardless of a specific product's name or marketing description, rod ends used in the wrong application will fail. We encourage our customers to know the load rating requirements of their application.


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