Spherical Bearing

Spherical bearings allow angular rotation around a central point in 2 orthogonal directions. They usually support a rotating shaft that has to move not just around but also at an angle.

A spherical bearing or Uniball has various applications. Any application where rotational movement is necessary for changing the rotation axis’ alignment, you need a spherical bearing. They are a necessary part of heavy machinery, car suspensions, off road suspensions and many other applications

At Zero 2 Zero, we bring to you a stellar range of spherical bearing kits so you can choose one that perfectly meets your requirements.

High Quality Spherical Bearing

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Along with the spherical bearing / Uniball we offer the cup for easy mounting and the retaining clip. By providing the cup for mounting ensures that when welding to the suspension no damage will happen to the spherical bearing.

As authorised distributors Steinjager, we are a trusted name for high quality supplies.

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