Our complete range of Uniballs, also known as spherical bearings are ideal for use in many different industrial applications. We understand the discerning needs of industry and have applied great attention to detail when producing our range of products.

UniballsOne of our most common areas of use for a Uniball is in sway bar end kits, linkage ends and control arms. They are commonly fitted into a uniball cup and retained with a circlip. This cup can then be welded into various positions to ensure the best operation of the uniball.

Design & Options

Our uniballs come in a variety of design and construction to suit specific customer requirements. Each application requires has a specific requirement so to ensure we have the correct uniball for the job at hand we have Imperial and Metric options along with nylon lined and PTFE lined products in steel and Stainless steel.

This range ensures we can cover from Go-Karts to race cars and 4WD vehicles to conveyor belts and very specific industrial machines.

Quality Features At Best Prices

Zero 2 Zero (Australia) will only supply products sourced from Steinjager thus ensuring the quality of the product meets a standard as expected by our clients. With many options available for uniballs we always suggest our clients define the correct product for their application. By looking for the cheapest option the quality of your finished product will be compromised.

Like all motorsport builder products, ensure that the item you are using has been designed to accept the loads and the role you are asking it to perform. If you are in doubt please contact one of Zero 2 Zero’s friendly staff for a resolution.