Rod Ends

rod endsRod ends are mechanical articulating joints. Also known as a spherical rod end, heim joint or rose joint, a rod end can be used in steering linkages, control rods and tie rods and many other applications such as 4 link suspensions where precision articulation is necessary and where a clevis end won’t do. In the modern world rod ends can be found in many applications from Industrial equipment to lawn care products, Go-Karts, shift assemblies, On & Off highway equipment, race car suspensions and even food and aviation industries.

Zero 2 Zero (Australia) is a premier supplier of high quality rod ends for all these wide variations of applications. If you are looking high quality rod ends from a trusted source, simply visit our online store.

With years of experience, a broad range of motorsport builder parts inventory and as authorised distributors for Steinjager, we are a trusted supplier of rod ends.

High Quality Products

When installed, rod ends are used in precision pieces of equipment that have many mechanisms that are required to work in tandem to deliver the desired performance using nothing but the best products. Of the utmost importance to OEM and aftermarket customers is high quality products and you should expect nothing else from Steinjager.

The brand and reputation of your company, dealership or garage is at stake. You cannot afford to make a mistake.

When you choose Zero 2 Zero (Australia), you can be sure of high quality products sourced directly from Steinjager, backed by warranty. All our products are genuine and authentic as we only use Steinjager as a supplier.

In stock we have both Male and Female Rod Ends, in Chrome Moly, Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Steel. They use either a PTFE liner a Nylon Liner or for the economy products just steel on steel. Read the data files attached to each product for the specifications or call us.

Order Easily

Placing an order for your requirements is easy with Zero 2 Zero (Australia). Our ecommerce store is open 24/7/365 for your convenience and is available on screens of all sizes. Whether you are looking us up on your smartphone or your laptop, we aim to make the purchase process easy and simple.

We look forward to assisting you with any motorsport builder parts requirement. Contact us today for more information.