Poly Bushes

Zero 2 Zero (Australia) brings to you high quality poly bushes for suspension. Poly bushing made from high quality and the purest of materials are of immense value. The durability of polyurethane brings flexibility and resilience to the suspension and delivers high quality, comfortable rides.

At Zero 2 Zero (Australia), we stock a wide range of poly bushes that meet the current demands of the automobile market. We are the authorised distributors for reputed brands such as Steinjager, who lead the market with their legendary products.

Benefits of Poly Bushes

  • Improves stability and turn in
  • Prolongs the life of tyres
  • High noise reduction capabilities
  • Lasts really long
  • Drives become safer as cornering becomes much more predictable
  • Suspension movement is controlled
  • Confident and comfortable rides
  • Reduction in MOT costs

Why Choose Zero 2 Zero (Australia)

The products we bring last long, really long. Why is that? That’s because polyurethane does not get affected by water, oil or petrol and resists abrasion effortlessly. These products stay in their original state and never compress like rubber of other cheaper products do.

Our poly bushes are easy to fit. The usual workshop tools are enough to put them in place. These bushes are made to fit just like the original equipment manufacturers’ bushes do.

Zero 2 Zero (Australia) is an industry leading distributor with years of experience. As authorised distributors for the top brands in the market, we bring to you the very best products at the best prices.

What’s more, we intend to revolutionise the way you procure poly bushes with our online store. Simply visit our website to fulfil your inventory requirements, and we take care of the rest.

If you have any questions about our poly bushing product range or would like assistance with making your purchase, simply give us a call.