Poly Bushing

poly bushingPoly bushing, or polyurethane bushing is an important part of a car’s suspension. Polyurethane has been in use for several years going back decades in history. However, with the latest innovations in technology, polyurethane can be precision engineered.

Zero 2 Zero (Australia) brings to you male poly bushings for right and left hand side uses. These are perfect for 2 link, 3 link and 4 link suspensions as well as for torque arms and control arms. Each kit contains two black poly bushing halves.

Why Poly Bushing

Suspension bushings take a lot of stress when a motor car is in operation. They take a lot of strain in the most difficult conditions with no lubrication or maintenance.

The standard bushing material is rubber, but it deteriorates with time and use. It becomes softer and soon enough it does not resist the force it receives, which results in suspension components moving a lot. This reduces the control on the suspension geometry.

As a result, the tyres wear excessively, brakes become unstable and handling takes a beating. This is why you can instantly make out if you are driving a new vehicle or one that’s a few years old.

But even new cars can take advantage of our poly bushing kits.

Superior Design

The superior design of poly bushings mean that they offer better control of suspension components when compared to rubber bushings. You gain all the advantages offered by a harder bushing without the shortcomings. You won’t experience increased noise with these precision engineered poly bushings. They are up to 30% stiffer than rubber bushings and offer the same noise absorbing features.

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