Clevis Pin

A clevis pin is part of the three piece clevis system that contains a clevis, a clevis pin and a tang. The clevis pin goes inside the U shaped piece with holes at the end of each prong. This is the space where the clevis pin is placed, and held in place by a split pin. The most common application for clevis pin is in automobiles.

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More About Clevis Pins

They are essentially two kinds of pins – unthreaded and threaded. The unthreaded pins have a dome shaped head on one end and the a cross hole on the other for the split pin to enter. The dome shaped head has a lip that serves as a stop when the pin is threaded into the U shaped shackle.

The function of the clevis pin is just like a bolt, but a bolt cannot perform the function of a clevis pin. A bolt cannot handle the stress that a clevis pin has to endure. They are manufactured for the very purpose of handling shearing forces.

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